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In todays world of API centric applications more than 80% of the apps and websites are still following the traditional coding methods and relying on the underlying cloud platforms to scale based on shared hardware resources. With Cloud Development we focus on building application with an already proven stable and scalable cloud SDKs by the best cloud vendors out to there. We believe this would provide our customers robust applications and more time to focus on their core business targets.


Let us accept it, new releases and bug fixes are nightmares for every business critical applications. There are a number of possible reasons where a simple release can affect a live website/application. This is mainly due to the gap between developers, testing and operations team. With proper planning, automation and consistent engineering we could bridge these gaps between different teams. This is effectivly engineered by skilled DevOps.


Microservices is a software architecture style which splits a complex application into simple small independent modules or processes which can be easily made to communicate with each other using APIs. The microservice architecture makes it easier to scale development. A new application is easier to adapt this microservice architecture whereas with proper planning businesses running monolithic application needs a little more effort to get stripped down to independent services.

About Company

A Startup company founded by team of experienced technology enthusiasts. With diverse expertise on web, mobile and cloud techonologies we focus on building robust applications with the simplest solutions. Our Goal is to provide the best IT service in the industry.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to build the best product, render the best service in the simplest possible approach and use business to inspire.

VISION: Our vision is to build mobile or web applications which are scalable and mobile ready out of the box. Our approach should lead the future of mobile technologies and the way mass applications are developed. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and with the simplest rollout methods, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile.


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